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Hi, Thanks for being a subscriber. The and website has been updated to add more businesses, new buttons for easier navigation and now has daily updated news feeds from two local newspapers. If you have a business or know someone who does that should be added to the listings, please send the infoContinue reading “New updates on”

47 mph wind blast sets power lines arcing in Gardnerville, Minden

A 47 mph wind gust was clocked through Carson Valley around 4:10 p.m. setting power lines to sparking in both Gardnerville and Minden. Minden-Tahoe Airport recorded the gust that flipped over aircraft, according to one witness. The wind picked up a significant amount of dust through town, reducing visibility as firefighters responded to the JudicialContinue reading “47 mph wind blast sets power lines arcing in Gardnerville, Minden”

Bently Ranch closes butcher shop

The Bently Ranch Butcher Shop, located on Buckeye Road in Minden, has succumbed to the economic conditions brought on the by coronavirus outbreak. “We have decided to close the Bently Ranch Butcher Shop effective immediately,” Bently Ranch announced in a statement. “This is a decision we have been considering for some time and working hardContinue reading “Bently Ranch closes butcher shop”

Thunderstorms bring increased chance of wildfires this week

Forecast thunderstorms through the next week has prompted the National Weather Service to issue a fire weather watch from Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday evening. Thunderstorms are in the forecast over the next several days, but on Tuesday outflow winds of up to 50 mph near thunderstorms and low afternoon humidity could combine to created criticalContinue reading “Thunderstorms bring increased chance of wildfires this week”

The scoop on the new scooper tanker

Sporting a pair of intakes not much bigger than an iPad, a specialized aircraft based at Minden-Tahoe Airport can fill a 1,500-gallon tank in 12 seconds. Bridger Aerospace Chief Executive Officer Tim Sheehy said the big yellow aircraft that resembles a seaplane is one of five in the country specially built for firefighting. “We’re ableContinue reading “The scoop on the new scooper tanker”

Black Lives Matter supporters cut Northern Nevada protest short

MINDEN — A small group of Black Lives Matter supporters on Saturday cut short a demonstration outside the office of a Northern Nevada sheriff and left amid jeers from people in a larger crowd of hundreds of counter-protesters. Continued here:

Protesters clash in Minden after sheriff’s statement on Black Lives Matter

What started as a protest to support the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office in Minden early Saturday turned into a fierce battle of words between hundreds of Blue Lives Matter protesters and a small group of Black Lives Matter protesters. Douglas County Sheriff Dan Coverley addressed a crowd of about 400 supporters Saturday morning, many ofContinue reading “Protesters clash in Minden after sheriff’s statement on Black Lives Matter”

Demonstration slowing traffic on Highway 395 through Minden

Traffic is snarled through downtown Minden as demonstrators took to the sidewalks on both side of Highway 395 at Buckeye this afternoon. The traffic light at the main intersection in the Douglas County seat was flashing red and Nevada Highway Patrol troopers were directing traffic. Continued here: